Friday, August 28, 2009

The Need for Speed (at the Library)

Every day I hear someone tell me they only need a minute or two on the computer to look at email, or print a paystub, or check craig's list. Today, I literally had an out-of-towner stay on the internet for 1 minute, and she thanked me profusely when she left for getting her on. (I had to go a little out of my way to put her on the web.)

Everything moves faster today. The library really needs to speed up its own services. I think I'm going to propose a 5 minute super-express computer just for those people who only want to do one thing, and who can't wait 15 min. to 2 hours to gain access to a public internet computer during the busy part of the day. I bet having such a machine, or two, would make a lot of people really happy, and reduce crowding in the computer waiting section.

Now, where is that library suggestion form kept? Or is it online now? And if it isn't online, why isn't it?

Dang, I'm impatient today. I really want to speed this library up.

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